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Website building for brand operating in several geographic markets

Hi Webflowers!
I find it difficult when it comes to making a site for a brand operating in several international markets. Ideally, I like to group all the markets on a single site but sometimes it gets complicated when the site includes the sale of products.

What do you think would be the best architecture in that context?
The website requires ecommerce and multilingual functionality.

I hope my question is clear.
Thanks a lot for helping!

In the end It would depend on your goal in each of these markets.

It is a bit of a tricky one. If you build seperate sites for each market, you do run into the chance of some duplicate content, which could damage SEO. (however if they are targeted to different countries you should be ok.

When it comes to the domain each of these are on, it would be recommended to use a unique TLD for each country. So .com for usa, for UK and so forth. However, that does come with a slight cost. The alternative is using subdirectories, so that would be .com/uk.

Either way you structure the domains, I would recommend different sites. This will allow you to limit content fully for each region, specifically with ecommerce.

In Webflow, you could build the most complex site, then copy and remove the parts that aren’t required for the less complex ones. Updating will be a bit annoying thought.

Thanks for your valued advice Drew.
In the end I should charge 3 different websites, is that what you’re saying?

Do you see other elements that I must take into account before building an ecommerce website? This is my first :wink:

Yeah I would say do 3 sites. Easier to segment the relevant information.

This will definitely make e-commerce easier, so people on other countries don’t try to purchase things they can’t.

With different sites in different countries make sure you consider privacy and terms and conditions in each of these regions, as they may have different requirements.

And definitely make sure you get familiar with the google search console. Make sure you get your target country set for each. Will help with SEO.

Hope that helps.