Suddenly my site throws error "err_ssl_protocol_error" to some visitors

Hi, suddenly my site throws error “err_ssl_protocol_error” to some visitors, not for me. I tried unpublishing/publishing my site again. Also testes with some online SSL checkers, and all seems ok. The visitors still have issues with “err_ssl_protocol_error”.

Site url:

Here is my site Read-Only: SITE

Hi Gabriel, are those users consistently getting the error? If so, is there a chance they’re using a VPN or accessing your site from behind a proxy?

I’ve seen a few cases where e.g. someone traveling is using a VPN or has anti-virus switched on ( and it’s using a Proxy+VPN to monitor traffic ), and in that configuration some Webflow sites become inaccessible with SSL errors.

I’ve never been able to reproduce it directly but the problem does not appear on sites that we reverse-proxy for clients, so it may be related to the way Webflow’s SSL works.

Hi Michael, many visitors of my site are getting the same error since yesterday. I tried accessing the site using a VPN too, but I couldn’t reproduce the error. I need to solve this urgently. Any more ideas?

My client who also has the issue, tried loading the site on a number of devices, even on an old iPad that was never used to load the site (or the old site that existed before that wasn’t on Webflow) with the same results, except an hour ago that he loaded the site normally and then started to throw the same error again.
He tried on a Laptop, ipad, iphone (safari and chrome in all instances), cleared the DNS cache through the terminal function on mac and cleared all browsing data to go one step further.
Nothing is working, maybe it’s a local issue, but we already tried everything. What else can we do?

If it’s primarily one client having issues, on multiple devices, the problem is likely on their local network. My guess is their router is misconfigured or is using an antivirus VPN that’s having issues. I can’t remember the name of the one I was last dealing with.

But did you say that they were also getting errors on non-Webflow sites? That would definitely indicate a local or network issue for your client to resolve.

If the errors you’re getting are with your site specifically, and only for some users with specific network/system configurations, then a reverse proxy should help iron out the SSL issues as they’ll be loading via a different SSL certificate.

Your site is very simple and probably doesn’t update much, so you could take that even further by edge-caching it, so that it’s nearer to users- I’ve seen this help for European uses who occasionally have intermittent issues with Webflow’s CDN.