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I wondered if someone might be able to shed some light on a problem I’m experiencing with trying to connect my website to custom domain?
The website is hosted with Cloudflare. I have both A records and CNAME in place

A @
A @

The website is loading However, the link to the old website is not directing traffic to the new website but rather brings up an ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR ?

I don’t know if it’s because the old address is http:// and the new site is secure i.e. https:// ?
Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - BIG EASY
([how to share your site Read-Only link][2])

I’m also still getting a warning in my Webflow custom domain screen that issues are being detected on the root domain?

[1]: http:// Webflow - BIG EASY

Hey @studioross

Check your DNS settings in Cloudflare. Make sure you are not using their DNS proxy. This is indicated by an orange cloud icon. Clicking on the icon will swap it to DNS only and grey icon. That should fix things.

Also make sure the www version of your domain is set as default in your project settings.


Thank you for your reply Drew. I’ll try that

Hi Drew,

Thanks for the reply.

To clarify we had the domain on 123-reg’s name servers and had the exact same issue.
We then moved the domain to CloudFlare assuming this would resolve the issue.

We have already removed the Proxy and changed it to DNS mode only, we tested the system, we also ran a Trace route from multiple locations all showed that the domain was pointing to the correct A records. Please escalate this issue to network operations or 2nd line support so they can fix the issue.

Paul has been in contact with support and wasted 2 full days trying what you have asked us to do, nothing has worked. We need be in a Viscous circle - we ask for support your team ask us to do the same thing each time in different words. OR blame the issue on propagation.

I await to hear from you

Hi Drew,

Support Wizard have been assisting me with trying to solve the issue. We have been teams working on this for over 2 days and we still do not know how to solve?

The website was hosted originally on Go Daddy. Adam and his team forced the move from Go Daddy to REG123 and now the site is on Cloudflare. On each of those providers the problem remains. I don’t know what else we can try?

Hey @studioross,

I can see our support team has replied to the conversation you sent through. We will continue to investigate this issue on our end. I would recommend you respond to our support team with any further issues for the fastest support.

I will keep an eye on things as well and reach out to some other internal team members to see what might be happening here.