Submitting an image URL into CMS

Hi, is there any way that a CMS can receive an image URL as a means to upload an image?
What I’m doing is having users submit an image which is then funeled into a Zapier function that then imports information into Webflow CMS. The problem is that the image uploaded is converted into a URL and it is not being added to the CMS.

Thank you

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It can only be added as a URL.

  • Make sure your image URL is accessible, so that Webflow’s API can actually retrieve your image
  • Make sure the image meets Webflow’s restrictions on filetype, filename, and 4MB limit, etc.

Thank you for your response. How would I know whether or not my url is accessible?

Try opening it in your web browser of a Chrome Incognito window. That would be the first step, to ensure the content isn’t gated behind a login.