Uploading and Fetching Image to Airtable

Hi Guys,

I have a form that is connected to Airtable using Zapier.

The form has a field for the user to upload an image. When the form is submitted, The image URL is sent to Airtable.

However, When adding the same data to the CMS, I want the image to be an actual image and not a URL. Or is there a way to display the URL as an image in webflow?

Here’s a example image URL: https://webflow.com/api/sites/3d-jobs-project/formUploads/8070822d-b223-4bfe-9d61-eab61d069dc4.png

How can I display the image on my site with that URL?

Here is my public share link: ** Post A Job (webflow.io)**

Once your images are in Airtable, PowerImporter will easily sync your Airtable images to the Webflow CMS. It will even optimize the size of the image before uploading it into the CMS.