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Collection image from URL

Hey folks, is there a way to use a URL as an image? I’ve generated a CSV from the current website and imported the image URL as text but couldn’t find a way to make it an image. Wasn’t able to any solution yet, sorry if I missed something.


I think you can import images directly from URLs but you have to use the CMS API and Zapier.

But as you already have your URL in the database, you can use a bit of Custom code to show it.

  • Drag a Custom code box inside of your page, where you want to image to be. It has to be in a Template page or inside of an item of a Collection List
  • type in the HTML code for an image, type it like this:
    <img src="URL">
  • select the URL part
  • click on the top right of the Custom Code box, on the purple link Add field
  • select the field of the URL of your image

Now your image should show up, as you have used a CMS variable inside of a html img code.


For anyone doing this and wondering how to add a radius to the image: set overflow for your block to hidden.