Submitted URL Indexing is Duplicating the Domain and Folder Path in Web Address

I’m checking my Google Search Console for issues, and some of my site indexing needs help. It looks like the URL Webflow is publishing is duplicating the root domain and folder structure, instead of the actual path, or at least that’s a second page being read by web crawlers:

I’m also getting a similar result when I scrape the website with something like Ubersuggest. All the SEO and site issues are related to the duplicate domain and folder structure from my CMS items:

Here are the full panels for the Search console result.

Google Index:

Live Test:

I’d like to remove these “duplicate pages” so I’m not penalized for having duplicate site content and to make sure it’s not slowing my site down at all.

The plain URLs of all the affected pages still work as normal, but all the duplicate URLs direct to the 404 page. I’m lost.

Here is my site Read-Only Link:

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I have the same problem, does anyone know how to fix it?

Check your Site Settings under the SEO tab, for the Canonical tag section.

If you have a value there, make sure it’s just the beginning part of your URL- the protocol and the domain, but no path. That means no ending / either, like this…

Webflow publishes these into your pages appending the path of the page, so the /path-to-my-page portion of the URL is appended to this string.

@Kaleb_Dean I can’t see your SEO settings through the preview link, however I’m guessing you have there by accident. Change that to and republish- you should be good.


I had the same issue and fixed it by adding the protocol (https://) to the canonical URL tag.
I’m still waiting for Google to reindex the page, but this should do the trick for what I’ve seen in other examples.

That seems like such a nuanced issue from Webflow, but I’ll give it a shot and check the index!

Thank you!

Totally agree. I like that the field is unrestricted, however, some docs on the expected format would really help there.

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I’d like to add a +1 vote to the Webflow Gods to please include a tooltip for this field explaining the correct format!

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Yes! A simple tooltip or description above that field would be an easy fix.