Duplicate // double slash URL’s - canonical link?

Hi people of Webflow,

I have found 3 topics with the same problem as me, but nobody ever got an answer.

The most interesting one is this one: Duplicate // double slash URL's
→ It also refers the two other topics talking about this same problem.

THE PROBLEM: my SEO agency tells me my site is producing duplicate content. Their analysis tool finds pages with the same cotent, the only difference being the url. The second url has double slash “//” instead of one.

For example, they tell me Réalisez le bilan énergétique de votre maison ! refers to Réalisez le bilan énergétique de votre maison ! - so same url, but with a double slash.

The agency tells me I have an issue with my canonical URL, but it is correctly set in Webflow settings I believe (see below).

In the post I mention above, @webdev says “For this to change Webflow would need to tweak its hosting.” - does anybody have more info on this?

Thanks a lot in advance for the help!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Nothing has changed. Webflow allows strings after the base URL instead of throwing a 404 like it should.

Thanks for your answer.

Are you aware of an reponse the author of the previous post may have received from Support?


I am having the same issue from my SEO company. Did you have any luck trying to fix it?
I tried setting up a redirect but it’s not working.

//(.*) → /%1

I emailed the support team. They were able to fix my issue (I think! I have to ask the SEO company to rescan)
They told me to remove the trailing / from the end of the global canonical.

Hope this helps anyone with the same issue.