SEO Issue with Folders + Trailing Slashes + Duplicate Content (?)

So I’ve set up a site structure that looks sort of like this.

/diet [folder]
/diet/name [folder]

One problem is that google doesn’t seem to be picking up all the URLs. Ranking is one thing, but not having them picked up in google webmaster (even after submitting the sitemap) is another.

I am wondering if they are are seeing the /diet and /diet/ as two different pages or /diet/name and /diet/name as two different ones and either diluting the link profile or seeing them as two competing pages.

I really find it hard to believe Webflow still hasn’t figured out parent pages (like wordpress), but does anyone know how to best handle this or experienced indexing issues with something like this setup in the past?

Seems wild to me that there isn’t better documentation on this considering how common this site structure is on other platforms.

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