Help! Search console shows thousands of new duplicate pages after moving our domain from .eu to .com for a Webflow site :(

I went to ‘Publishing’ tab of our webflow project and added our new domain, made it default. Before we had .eu, now we have .com.

Now my google search console is showing thousands of new pages created that aren’t being indexed. I see that these are the same pages, just with different hubspot tracking codes at the end.

For example - GoRamp - Success Stories

everything after ?___hstc= is HubSpot tracking code. How do I fix this annoying issue?

Also, anything else I should do when moving domains? As it seems our organic traffic has fallen around 25% for these 3 weeks since we moved domains. Is this a normal behaviour?

Our old .eu domain shows the same thousands of pages not indexed (reason - Page with redirect), but also shows 26 pages that are still indexed, why? We moved the whole Webflow site to a new domain. Is this normal?

I have just found global canonical tag section in our Webflow SEO settings, which was empty.

Just added in there (our main domain is .

This should fix the issue, right?

Hi Thomas, have you found a solution to this issue? We have the same situation when we duplicated our website and redirected the old to the new pages. 1 year later google search console still shows 59 non-indexed pages somehow backed up, while we actually have only 16 pages online. Thanks for your help!