Creating a staging site after launch that's not just a preview of the current site

Hello Community,

I found this response pasted below while researching Staging Sites use for my webflow account.

" If you are hosting using a custom domain when you publish you have the option to publish to the custom domain, subdomain, or both. Publishing to the subdomain is the address which allows you to test the site before it goes live on the main URL."

Although this setup is helpful, it’s not truly a Staging Site in that it’s not a completely separate site that once previewed and approved can be switched with the live version.

What do you do if you make all these changes to your site and publish to the and then you change your mind or it doesn’t get approved or something?

It’s my understanding you made changes, revisions to the actual site and you can’t just undo them all. That’s an issue for me.

Is there an alternate solution that I’m not aware of? The current setup is really only good for the initial site build in my opinion. After that, maybe copy changes, misspellings.

Thank you!