Styling Links In Text Blocks That Get Text From CMS Items

I have a rich text block on several pages on my site which is being populated with the contents of a rich text fields from a CMS collection (the default Products collection). The link has the default Webflow styling, which doesn’t match the styling of my All Links style and I can’t figure out how to apply a style to the link or which style needs to be updated to fix the format. I’d be grateful for any pointers.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

See styling content in the rich text element overview page in the webflow university. Rich text element overview | Webflow University

Searching there and here frequently provides the answers to common questions like this.

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Thanks. For the benefit of anyone else who just needs the answer, this is the relevant section -

Styling dynamic rich text

Rich text elements can be connected to rich text fields in a Collection. When a RTE is connected, it’s no longer possible to select or edit text elements, except for in the CMS. That’s because the content is pulled from the CMS itself.

To style a connected RTE, it’s recommended to disconnect (unbind) it from the field, style the nested elements, and then re-connect (bind) it. If you just want to apply a class on a connected RTE, you can do that without disconnecting it. Learn more about dynamic rich texts.

Pro tip
Create the RTE in a “style guide” page where you can style it without the need to connect and disconnect it each time you want to make a change to the design of the RTE elements. Just set the same class on the RTE in the Style guide as you have set on your Collection page. Now, whenever you need to update the style of elements within the RTE of a Collection page, go to the Style guide page and style those elements in the corresponding RTE.