Styling paragraph inside rich text

Apologies for the n00b question - I am trying to fix our blog styling after our regular developer has left. All the blog content is in one rich text class. The line height of the rich text class is being overridden from somewhere (likely All Paragraphs) - and I want to fix it.

I have tried searching all the posts, seen a couple of videos - to no avail. I don’t see a ‘Nesting’ option in my designer console. I don’t see a way to select the All Paragraphs style in the designer (assuming that’s the one overriding the style in the rich text).

Help. I just want to fix the line height of paras in my blog!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi Joyce, if you share your readonly project link, from the page where you’re wanting the line height fixed, I can show you how.

nm - i was able to figure it out. It seems one has to:

  • first uncheck off the Get text from Blog option for Rich Text
  • inner elements inside rich text only become selectable now
  • then style the inner elements using nesting option
  • reenable Get text from Blog option.

Webflow needs a serious initiative around documentation. This is arcane - worse not covered anywhere in documentation or in any of the videos and other answers in this forum (which all assume individual pages I presume, not Collection pages)