Fix blog post get the text from issue

Hello guys i want to get the text from blog body content in to this paragraph, but the section is not available in the dropdown. how can i fix this?

Webflow has a strongly-typed approach to CMS content.

Numbers, Dates, Emails, Urls are all “things” that are defined as fields in the CMS, and that can be used in specific ways, bound to specific elements. You can’t bind a text field to a link url setting.

Text and Rich Text are two separate things as well.

You didn’t share a link to your project, so I can’t see what you’re working with in your design or your CMS, or what you’re trying to connect where, but my guess is that the element you have on the designer is either a Text item or a Rich Text item, and the item you’re trying to bind to it from the CMS is an incompatible type.

So it doesn’t appear in the list as an option.

For future posts, please make sure to always include your readonly project link. It’s 10x the mental work to do the Sherlock Homes mental gymnastics to guess what your problem might be. Curious if I was right though…