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Styling cascade


Just starting to play with webflow… I was almost done with one page, just trying to make it responsive applying different changes to phone and tablet, and suddenly the changes applied on all these devices where reflected in my desktop version. For instance, I changed the background video widget to be an still image on phone and tablet because it didn’t work on these sizes… Is it a bug? I understood that changes do not reflect upwards. Thanks, igui

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Weblfow respects HTML and CSS, there is little magic. For responsivity, only the CSS style can enter into consideration. That’s everything on this tab:

Everything that you set on the Settings tab (the tab after that, with the gear icon) is not CSS, it’s content, it modifies the HTML code and there is no change in HTML during responsivity.

So for example if you change an image for a device, you’re not changing it for a device, you’re changing it for everything, because it’s declared in the HTML code (<img …>). Same for a link target. etc… Same for interactions.

If you want to change an image depending on devices, then declare the image as a BACKGROUND image, which is a css property, in the style tab. Then you can change it for devices.

In short, responsive properties, only in style tab.

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Understood, thanks very much!

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