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Changing attributes in mobile view

It used to be that when I changed to tablet view, or mobile view, and changed something, that change would only take effect on that view, and any children view (for instance, if I change something in Tablet, portrait view, the change would affect tablet portrait view, mobile landscape view, and mobile portrait view, but NOT desktop view).

Now, I go to mobile portrait mode, and change the size of an image, the change affects all views! What happened?

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The image size feature is changed in the settings panel, this will affect the images in all views, rather the changes that will take affect and cascade down are made in the paintbrush tab rather than the settings tab.

Hope this makes sense.

So you’re saying there’s no way to say “I want this image to be [this big] on desktop, but I want it to be [that big] on mobile”?

That’s unfortunate.

No, there are many work arounds, try simply applying the size in the paintbrush tab. If that does not work you could always put a div, give it a background image and customize the background to look exactly like a image. There are many other ways to do this, play around a bit and see what works for your needs, don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need to.

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