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Non responsive image on background


I’m building a landing page in order to learn the tool but I can’t place a background that is responsive. I upload the image in desktop mode and it looks fine but then on mobile and tablet, it’s horrible.

I attach some images. As you can see the placement of the text is not responsive either.

Does anyone know how to solve it?

Thanks in advance.

When on that viewport… select the image and change the size to percentage % to get the size exactly how you want it… sometimes you have to adjust the properties per each viewport. And just repeat for mobile. The styles cascade down towards mobile not back up towards desktop… so your design remains intact.

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Ah yeah, now it’s solved. Thank you very much! I also realized that if I use a container everything is properly adjusted for all devices (or at least it’s better than before).

So, should I start building the website for desktop and then adjust the small things for tablets and mobile? Is this the correct flow?

Thank you very much!

Yes exactly. That’s the ideal way… knowing that some items may need to be remove… Mobile should only have the core necessities anyway? So you’ve got it covered now. Glad to help. Have fun!

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