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Hero responsive settings - styles are cascading upwards

According to the tutorial video if I make custom changes to the mobile and tablet without it changing the desktop view. I currently have a page that an image and font size is too big for a mobile device so I want to shrink that down but then it is automatically making these same changes to the desktop view (where that would be too small). Also, the intro block is getting cut in half so I could hide that for mobile devices if I need to. This is my first time using webflow - what am I missing?

Here is my public share link:

Anything you do in settings tab does not cascade down, only the things that you do in the paintbrush tab. Try changing the settings in the paintbrush tab for the image.

You should not have set heights and widths for text, this will not lead to a responsive site, rather place the measurements on Auto and play with font size.

You can change what can be viewed on Webflow in the settings tab where the 4 icons are.

I’ve tried changing the image size both in the settings tab and the paintbrush and the image is still casading upwards and downwards. My understanding is it should cascade down but not up.

Here is a link of how I did it and it worked.

Hope this helps.

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