Styling 2 different Paragraphs in CMS-RTB's

Hey Webflowers,

just wanted to ask if it’s possible (without custom code) to style two different paragraphs in one Rich-Text-Block in the CMS?

And if it’s only working with custom code - maybe someone can give me an example how to do it…

Thanks in advance

Create a new style on a paragraph on a style guide page. Use only lowercase with no spaces for the class name. Remember the class name. Go to your RTB and add a custom code block. Place this HTML in side…

<p class="yournewclassname" > Lorem ipsum sit amet dolor</p>
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Who usually does it this way? Certainly not a customer.

There is another option. Sweet Text for Webflow Rich Text by Finsweet

Thanks to you Jeff,

that looks very good. I just think it’s a shame that Webflow doesn’t extend the rich text element to be a bit more flexible.

For example, I’m working on a blog right now and would like to treat it like a magazine. Well, we are not using InDesign now, of course, but web technologies, that’s clear.

But just the feature to be able to create the paragraph text in two or more columns is an absolute disaster. That works just fine for a single paragraph. But if a text section contains several paragraphs, then the reading flow is no longer correct at all. You usually read two columns of text starting from the left column from top to bottom and then jump over to the right columns and continue reading there from top to bottom. So this feature could have been saved right away in my opinion.

But exactly these things will certainly be demanded more and more in the future, since digital reading is also advancing more and more and publishers are thinking about how they can display their magazine on the web so that it also remains varied.

I’ll take a look at Sweettext. But just arranging two photos next to each other in a richtext element, e.g. in a column element or a grid element, doesn’t really work. Yesterday I had a hard time with that. :slight_smile: