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Is there any way to create a Medium blog post layout?

Hi, I’m talking about creating a blog post page like Medium’s. What I mean specifically is somehow make it so that you can have images breaking out of the single column with text.

Below you can see an example of the column text and then the two levels of wideness in pics. Is this doable in Webflow CMS?

Sure, you just make your image wider than your text using styles. If you mean inside of rich text, that will be much more complicated and will involve modifying the margins on the text within the rich text.

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I was thinking more of the second route, but I assumed that was not possible?

Is it possible then to change the margins so that they override the column of text and not mess up the whole website?

Well, you’d just add a style for the rich text element, then select the paragraph and all other text elements within that and style them by choosing “paragraph” while nested inside “richtextstyle” which will only apply those style to that rich text style. You’ll have to apply the margins to all the text elements within the rich text. You will also have to disable the CMS get text from in the settings in order to style the rich text.

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oh that’s a damn brilliant idea — how come I never thought of it. Thx a lot dude!

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