Can I accept stripe payments without e-commerce hosting

This website is mainly for displaying but also could benefit from receiving payment for services. Can I accept payment through stripe on the CMS plan of webflow (not ecommerce)?

does this solution work for this? Tutorial - Stripe I made it work! (another forum post)

Appreciate it! Seems like overkill to get ecommerce platform just to accept one product payment. Would it be a valid work around to forward them to another landing page for collecting payment?

Hi @WaveyDavey
Webflow e-commerce would be required if you want to have a cart to add multiple products to, but if you just want the ability for someone to buy one product at a time, Stripe has the ability to create payment links.

You could create a buy now button or similar on a product page which was linked to a Stripe Payment Link.

Awesome! Thanks Cordell