Stripe Checkout

@161creativedesign Here you go: Stripe Checkout - #9 by foxy Let me know if you would like to see any specific demos. Agreed on helping both platforms grow. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Josh I got your e-mail and will send you another one to figure out how the logistics works for the affiliate program. I haven’t dove into the materials for the how to but will be soon.

Thanks again

@jbleroux Sounds like a plan. :slight_smile:

Thanks @foxy we will definitely be in touch. :slight_smile:

For everybody wanting to have Stripe as a plugin on your dashboard instead of using your own server for charging the payment, please upvote this idea:

Pretty upset reading this thread. I don’t think the Webflow forums are meant to be a place for Foxy to do a sales pitch…

I want to integrate Stripe Checkout out as well, but there needs to be a server-side integration (of which Webflow should be handling on their API). Considering Stripe is one of the most common payment processors on the market and highly scalable and robust, this should already be integrated (no questions asked).

Not sure what the hold up here is… @PixelGeek? @Waldo? Webflow? People want to get paid. Stripe is how most are doing this… Can you step on the throttle with this feature and give us the endpoint to process the Stripe
requests please?



Any by the way, @PixelGeek I honestly think @foxy should get booted from this thread. His comments are not relevant to this discussion (regarding Stripe Checkout) as @carlos94587, I, and many others on here are looking for.

Can everyone upvote this so we can move this feature along?

@carlos94587 @jbleroux @161creativedesign @zbrah @chiefmonkey

==>>> Stripe integration into dashboard to enable payment | Webflow Wishlist <<<===

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Hi @cjroe.
I’m sorry our posts have frustrated you. We do our best to only post in threads where Foxy can bring value to the situation at hand. For this particular thread, @carlos94587 explicitly mentioned Foxy. We think it’s pretty fair that we chimed in to ask what issues he was running into. Others may disagree and if the Webflow team prefers, we’ll hold off next time we’re mentioned.



Hello! Just wanted to share with you all that I managed to make it work. This is a pretty old thread, but I thought someone might bump into it like I did :slight_smile:

Here’s my solution/tutorial: [TUTORIAL] STRIPE CHECKOUT - I made it work!

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I’m interested too, thanks!

Hi @carlos94587,

Hi, working with Stripe can be tricky if you’re unsure where to start. Luckily, you can do it pretty painlessly with embedded code.

In Stipe

In Webflow

  1. Copy the code that’s on the product detail view, and click the Get Checkout code snippet.
  2. Then, on the Webflow Designer, navigate to where you need your ‘buy button’ and add an Embed Element.
  3. Paste the code from Stripe and save it

NB: To see the changes, publish the site as with all embedded code snippets - it won’t work on preview mode