Stripe Checkout

Hi @fox, yes, same Carlos.

@zbrah - Since for now I only have one payment fee to charge on the website, Stripe seems like a good option and very user friendly ( There is no need of shopping carts or additional steps for the payment.

While I think Foxy is really apart of our community and is a good option. If you’re just looking for a simple payment button try:

All of above have decent button integrations and matches well with Stripe. They do either add a small fee or monthly fee. In my opinion snappycheckout is the cheapest, and snip cart is the most intuitive.

I will go with Stripe Checkout, I really like Plasso but I would have to pay 4% fee with them plus, 2.6% on Stripe, what’s the point of getting charged twice when it can be only only directly with Stripe

I already added the Stripe button on the Webflow site however, I still need to resolve the process before and after the payment.
I am trying to mimic the payment process from, since they are using Stripe too.

On Webflow, I completed the form, if I go to make the payment before or after press on submit, and going back to the web page, everything in the form got erased. Is this somethingI need help with.

Thanks everyone

For anyone interested in something similar. We put together a working demo for Carlos that is 100% built with Webflow’s form builder and securely ties into Foxy, allowing for support of nearly 100 payment gateways and alternate payment methods, coupons, and more. Feel free to message me if you’d like to see the demo or have further questions.



How about: “share the tutorial for the love of the forums?”.
I’m really interested to see how it’s done. With, or without Foxy.
Bonus points if you include Dutch Ideal payments!

Edit: never mind, the tutorial is here. Great work there btw.

And I see you accept Ideal through Mollie, if you could get me up to speed to get that working, that would be awesome.

Hi @Diu.
You beat me to the answers :slight_smile: I took a few minutes to put together a demo for you here: Job Listing Built 100% with Webflow’s form builder. Let me know what questions you may have or how I can help. Connecting to your Ideal account is super easy in the Foxy admin.


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As a follow up, we support Ideal through Ogone as well. I have turned on these payment options so you can see them once you add the job listing to cart.


Josh, this is something. Really fast, really to the point. I’m surely going to make this work.

I’ll DM you with some concerns & limitations.

@Diu Sounds like a plan. :slight_smile:

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hey @foxy I really appreciated the demo and will say Foxy is an amazing tool however I feel since this is a new business client Foxy is not for us, the client cannot incur into extra expenses like a monthly fee besides the Webflow monthly plan.


Hey @carlos94587.
No problem at all. We definitely understand. We’re not a perfect fit for every project, but definitely let us know if we can help with anything in the future.


I use plasso and find it’s pretty simple and inexpensive if you don’t have the ability to pay a monthly fee.

@carlos94587 did you ever figure out how to implement it. I have a client that is set up on stripe and they only have a few merchandise items to sell so I think it would be the easiest to implement. If I can figure out a webflow solution that is.


hi @jbleroux - but if you have several items I will recommend you to use @foxy - I just needed a on-payment option and added the payment button after the Thank you message

yeah i’m going to suggest Foxy to the client. It looks like the simplest solution and it integrates with their stripe payment. They won’t like the monthly fee but if they do at least 100 transactions a month it won’t matter. The other option is shopify button if they don’t do that quantity.

The stripe payment integration seems fine for one item.

Hey @foxy ,

We are very interested in seeing this demo, would you be able to provide a link?

PS. great to see you providing support like this in the Webflow forums, that’s how both platforms grow.

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@jbleroux I wanted to mention that if you pay annually ($180/yr) you save $5/mo. Also, we only charge a transaction fee for transactions that exceed your included 100 transactions each month. It’s a small .5% fee with a max of 15 cents. Hope this helps.

@161creativedesign Here you go: Stripe Checkout - #9 by foxy Let me know if you would like to see any specific demos. Agreed on helping both platforms grow. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Josh I got your e-mail and will send you another one to figure out how the logistics works for the affiliate program. I haven’t dove into the materials for the how to but will be soon.

Thanks again

@jbleroux Sounds like a plan. :slight_smile: