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I am experiencing a strange page width bug and need help please!

I started building this page a while back when I first learned webflow so apologies for the weird formatting of the site. The issue also only arises in the published view and not the builder itself.

A while back I noticed that the page had a tiny (maybe 10 pixels) amount of horizontal scrolling. Normally I’d use overflow hidden but in this case I have a sticky object that is necessary to the design so that wasn’t an option. So I did what I normally do and deleted elements piece by piece to narrow down the culprit, and weirdly enough I was down the the top section alone and the issue still presented itself.

My second troubleshooting attempt was to copy the content in a new section since I couldn’t figure out what was causing the issue in the old one. But that also didn’t work. I realized that any content (even text) that I copy from the original section into any new section would cause the page to have a horizontal scroll.

I am so confused and have not been able to find any solution to this problem. if anyone has experienced something like this or may be of any assistance it would be great!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK