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Stove and BBQ distributor website

HI, just want to share with you my latest work. This site is a work-in-progress but i’m confident to finish it in the next weeks. Let me know your feeling. Thanks!

Vraiment sympa :slight_smile: Ajouté au bookmark Inspi pour la “banner list”

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I’m not sure why @gosselin07 but the site doesn’t feel very performant. Seems laggy as a scroll.

OK. Thanks @thesergie your right. Do you have some hints?

The javascript library you used for the navbar seems slow. Maybe try a different one. Also check the sizes of your images to make sure they are below 250kb.

Thanks @thesergie. The navbar is entirely done with Webflow Interaction. :confused:

Maybe it’s the way you built the nav. The transitions seems laggy/jumpy which I haven’t seen with Interactions. Try to publish a copy but without the nav and see if that makes it better. Then you can debug the way you built it to see if there’s something in there that’s slowing it down.