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Still struggling with centering this navigation

Hi WF’rs

Firstly, love WF but find CSS extremely frustrating form a graphic designers POV.

I am designing this navigation (shared link below), I want it centred on the page but cannot get it to centre without the rollover animations going weird on me. Could someone please offer me some assistance as must have been at this for 2 days so far :smile:

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Grab some popcorn and watch this :wink:


Hey Vincent, that’s the baby. Thanks very much for that.
I must be thick of sumfink. I played around with this and just couldn’t get it.
I really need to understand my CSS far more.

But thank you again.

Can I dare to ask you another question?
I have been struggling with this too.

As I have now got this nav working (thanks to you), I now have it sticking to the bottom of the page on load.
I want to be able to scroll up the page and the navigation scroll up with the page and then stop/stick to the top if the page thereafter.

Is this possible?
A million thanks again.

Oh I know it’s possible, I just never did it myself. I suppose it’s with custom code addition. There must be somehting abt that in many place of this forum, let’s look…

Here on the page Sticky navigation,it’s actually a neat trick… one navbar copy is hidden at launch and shows up as soon as the floating one leaves the page… it’s clever (:

Explained also here under Bottom Nav Sticky on Top

Much simpler than I thought it would be.

1st link not working Vincent but will look at the other one.

My god, it only bloody works!
Thanks again. Wicked forum :slight_smile:

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