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Centring the navigation

Hey there - I would like to have my navigation centred - Just a simple navigation like this

I am using the nav bar function - however when I delete the section for the logo, there is still a space there - i.e… nav links are aligned to the right. Any one know how I fix this?

Thanks a mil!

Hey @mellyg,

Can you check that link you just provided? I doesn’t seem to work. :confused:
Also could you please share your read-only link?


1 — Select the Nav Menu element

2 — give it a class name

3 — remove the float property by clicking on the None button

4 — click on Center in the Typography panel

Now your nav is centered

You are a star!!! Thanks so much.

So simple - but it was taking me a long time to work it out.

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One thing to remember here is when you deal with Webflow widgets, such as a nav bar etc, you sometimes needs to give class names to elements just to see what properties they carry. properties of webflow widget elements are often hidden as long as you don’t give them a class name.