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[SOLVED] Navbar Fixed Behaviour

I must be missing something simple here… I have a navbar element with a class of “Left Navigation” on the left that is 275 px wide, and the body has a 275 px left margin. I’ve set the navbar to Fixed, but the content in the navbar isn’t staying fixed like I’ve set it to.

10mn on this and… I must be missing something too :smiley: Tried everything… if it was my site I would redo the page entirely, starting by making this menu work…

Summoning @bartekkustra @PixelGeek, guys, challenge accepted or what? :wink:

Your top section video is interfering with the navigation. I don’t know why, but when I delete that section the navigation stays fixed.

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Good find!

It’s actually the z-index value on this section that messes with the sidebar position

@Vincent, I had already rebuilt it… wait for it… TWICE. Hahahaha.

Thanks @Davidn and @vincent - I just removed the z-index from the video, its positioned with an absolute property behind the text now so I don’t need that property anyway. All seems to work, finally!!

Hehe… as Webflow works, this is how you should build all of your elements… twice. Once you’ve finished an element, rebuild it from scratch, improving the structure of divs and the class names, because it’s most of the time hard to get it right the first time. Once done, delete the first try and go to the classes panel to delete unused classes… and by doing that your site is self cleaning (:

I feel ya man, thats usually my process. I’m now over 8 sites in with webflow… so don’t need to do that for everything once you’ve learned the best practice, would waste time… but lots of elements it does help with. I come from a background of coding too so that helps a ton when it comes to structure as well :smiley:

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I’ve asked the other question on a new post :smile: