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Centralising the navbar menu

Hello all,

Please could someone assist me. I have a navbar and annoyingly I cannot seem to get the menu centred. It’s very likely a simple issue, but everything I try doesn’t work. When I look at other templates, the navbar is consistently located in the exact same place when changing views, but also when viewing on, say, a 20inch screen and a 22inch screen.

Well, not mine! In the designer on desktop view it looks great, but when I preview it, it’s not centered. Please could someone assist in really simple steps!

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Hi @Brent1,

Great question. In order to keep the navbar centered, we would need to remove the styling placed on the container element.

I quickly created a video so that you can view the steps I took to center the navbar:

Hopefully this helps :blush:

Hello @micahryanhtml

This is perfect! Solved my problem and thank you for going the extra mile of creating a video, really really appreciate it.

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