Sticky Navabar pushes section down

I am new to webflow, please help! I want my sticky navbar lay over/ontop of my 1st section (“section intro”). But Instead of laying ontop of it it pushes the following section down, creating empty space under the section. I don’t want this. If I switch the section’s position from “realtive” to “absolute” everything seems right, BUT: then the 2nd section “Section Commercials” disapperars behing my first section… Please help!
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Hi @svend, welcome to the Webflow community!

You’re positioning many of your elements with absolute and fixed. This results in unwanted spaces, overlaps, etc. It’s difficult to present you with an easy solution, because many of your elements are positioned a bit unusual.

I’d suggest you to look into the basics of CSS layout and positioning. This will make things a lot easier for you. Another tip: Look at the official Webflow templates and/or cloneables from the Community and inspect how they are set up. You can transfer these structures and ideas into your own project.

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