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Section gets pushed by Sticky Navbar

Hello everyone!
I’ve gotten into a minor trouble with the Nav Bar’s positioning.

So I had a navigation bar with a fixed position in order to prevent it from messing with the positions of other sections of the pages.
The problem, however, was that my sections seemed to be pushed from the top when I pressed an in-page section link that would direct me to it.

So, I switched the nav bar’s position to sticky, and sure enough, the in-page link could now be directed to the top of the body. BUT, when any page loads, the position of my sections below the Nav Bar was pushed down and thus made it look awkward when the page first loaded.

Is there a way to make the section start at the top while the nav bar’s position is sticky???

I’ve tried negative margin, data-scroll=“mid”, and everything else. The forum’s basically my last resort. Please help!!!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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+1 on how to fix this.

PS I am a complete newbie to Webflow so the answer is probably staring me in the face.