Sticky Navbar works incorrectly?

Hi there,

it looks like sticky navbar prepared as it was said in this tutorial video: Creating a sticky navbar — Webflow tutorial - YouTube

works incorrectly with links to the sections on the current page. Navbar has become sticky, but now when clicking on any link, the desired section appears at the top of the page, partly covered by navbar, like this:

But after navbar is sticky, a section should appear below navbar, not in the very top of the page.

Is it really a bug or have I missed smth?

Thanks in advance!

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Try adding a div inside your section to which you want to jump.

Add ID to that div rather than to the section. Make sure your section is relative and then position the div “Absolute” and offset it on top for “-100px” (100 is an example for whatever the height of your nav is) and then it will scroll just the way you want.

Let me know if that helps

Not much. I made a section relative:

Then made a div absolute with offset:

Aslo tryed another offset:

ID is of the div and link is linked to the div instead of section, but nothing has changed.

You need to give div height and width of whatever offset you added, and also please use negative on top and not on bot to achieve the effect

Div get the height of 150 and offset of -150:

Nothing changed.