Static Pages With Page Loader Getting Stuck in Edit Mode

Hi all,

I have a published website and when a contributor is logged into the site, all static pages with my simple page loader keeps spinning indefinitely and never fully loads.

Any ideas? Seems like a bug. @Waldo

Hi @dsgnr

Thanks for posting.

It looks like your DNS settings aren’t quite correct.

Because you have SSL enabled, you should have the following DNS records:

2 A records:
@ →
@ →

1 CNAME record:
www →

Once these changes are made, your site and the Editor should load as expected.

Please keep in mind that it can take up to 48 hours for the DNS changes to fully propagate.

​If after 48 hours you are still experiencing issues, please let me know and I will investigate further.

It was happening before I enabled SSL, however. I just made the DNS changes to enable SSL because I noticed that was turned off.

We’ll see if it helps once it propagates but it wasn’t loading correctly on the http.

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The problem persists @Brando

Hi @dsgnr

Thank you for the update.

After looking at your site I found a piece of custom code that is causing the issue:

removing this code snippet solves the issue. I recommend removing this snippet and use the Webflow Designer to create the preloader element.

​Please let me know if this solves the problem, if not, I’m happy to help further.

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Nice find! Thank you!

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