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Site not working after latest update

After the latest webflow updates, my site doesn’t load (stuck at loading) or the CSS doesn’t load (checked on a different device).

Anyone else experiencing this? My site usually stays on loading screen at 5 seconds most.

Any help would be appreciated.

Here is my site Read-Only: ****
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It does load Ok for me on Desktop.

Thanks Vincent, ask my wife check it home and it worked, some other sites from webflow doesn’t work here as well, maybe something with our IT department.

Yes, it’s correct. I’m experiencing various bugs as well;

Including font loading on websites, button linking to other pages not working.

Hi @rowan :wave:

Could you give some more details on this.
Which buttons are not working?

  • Static button links?
  • Dynamic buttons?
  • What is the behaviour you’re seeing?

Are your font issues on:

  • Webflow hosted sites?
  • Exported sites?
  • Are they imported fonts, Google fonts or the Webflow native fonts?

If you have any further details + screenshots or videos available along with a read-only link I’d be happy to look into this for you.

Button issues are down to 301 redirects in the site settings.
If you’re having font issues, please empty your cache, log out of webflow and back in again or open your site in an incognito mode to see if the issues still exists.

Please post back here if you have any further issues.

Our site is not loading content from There are many other sites that are in the showcase that are also not loading assets from that server.

Hi @Mike_Wilson can you share your site (or a showcase site you’ve noticed isn’t loading assets) here please.

Sure, it is

We tested by shelling into AWS US-EAST 1, US-EAST 2 ,US-WEST 1. Seems to work within their network. We tested from browserstack from various locations and it loads there, but from out current location (Phila, PA) assets are not loading from the because the site cannot secure a connection to the assets. I saw the same issue on the showcase so maybe there may be a security group that is not working. Also tested on cellular and our network and same result.

Thank you for looking into this and your fast response, we have determined that our Meraki was flagging that ssl server as a blacklisted server so looks like we can fix it on our end. So sorry for the false alarm.

Phew! Thanks for letting us know. It did sound like an issue your end… but still always worth investigating and double checking! :slight_smile: :webflow_heart:

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I’m having the same issue where css etc is not loading correctly. I’ve checked this morning and still an issue. See screenshot below.

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