HTTP Redirect Issue

I seem to be having some issues with configuring a redirect. I have an application that is hard coded to download a JSON file from our website using an HTTP GET command. Since I can’t host JSON files on WebFlow, I’ve placed my JSON file on Cloudflare, and thought I could use a HTTP redirect - but it doesn’t seem to want to redirect. I get an Invalid Request.

// needs to redirect to:

I’ve tried various variations of:
Old Path: /%.well-known/(.*)
New Path:

Any help is appreciated!

Hey Matt, are you certain a redirect would work?
Most .well-known files cannot be redirected as they’re considered authoritative system files.

Also, even if it worked, you definitely wouldn’t want the path you used here as it would break SSL renewals and probably a range of other features that depend on the /.well-known path

If a redirect did work, as a guess I would have tried;

/.well%-known/ → your new URL

The solution I go with here is to setup a reverse proxy for clients who need this.