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Webflow App Suggestion

Hi Webflow,

I have been using Webflow for a while and love it. Amazing product.

Something I think would be very cool would be a webflow app. The app would not be used for editing (obviously) but for testing and demonstrating. It would be very cool to have a webflow app that would provide easy access all of my sites. Just a simple site that provides a direct link the .io sites I have within the tool. I could have it installed on various devices for testing and it would be a great tool to show others the sites you are working on.

Just a thought,

Keep up the great work.

Matt G


Yes, exactly. Just a list of links that you can quickly click to demo/test on an actual mobile device. Maybe even have it so you can choose to show/not show certain sites on the demo app.

I envisioned being able to talk to someone and quickly pulling out the app and showing them some sites I am working on or some demo sites that display different layouts, functionality, etc. Great sales tool. I also have the idea that I could show the potential client what their site looks like as it is (unresponsive) and jump to the webflow app to show them a mockup of what it could like when it is responsive.

Also being able to test on the a few different devices and having access to the url a moment’s notice.



Hey @Matt_g have you looked into curating your Webflow designer profile?

Take Joao’s Webflow profile for example:

You have add sites you’ve built to the “Discover” section of Webflow and they will show up on your designer profile.

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I never thought to use it that way. That might just work.

Thanks for the suggestion!

Are there any plans on when this feature can be released? Is there a way to make it work? An iPad Pro app in the works maybe? :smile:

If this app was built, i’d love a dedicated forum app integrated as well.

Speaking of apps, an app for the cms maybe. Something like Tumblr’s app. A quick way of making updates to your site.

Hey @jorn I had this idea too, great minds! :smile:


Have you guys seen Webflow’s promo vid that Sandwich Video shot? The designer builds a site for “Chuck” and if you notice at the end of the video, Chuck is editing his website himself; on his smartphone. I hope that was some foreshadowing of what’s to come! However the video has been out for probably 4-5 months so I don’t know.

Here’s the link if you missed it.

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I’ve seen it :slight_smile: I also asked and it’s on the roadmap to have the cms responsive and working on mobile. It can’t be easy with so many ideas from the community and their own ideas.

Chuck’s app looks gorgeous!

This is a must have as I also mentioned here: iPhone/Android-App

I only hope that this is planned for 2016 :sweat_smile: