Staggered display for items in CMS

Hi there,

I’m using a Webflow template that uses dynamic lists to build a photography portfolio website, and I’m trying to do certain things with the layout of the dynamic list items that I’m unfortunately getting stuck with. Any help would be much appreciated!

Here are the 2 things I’m trying to get working:

  • I’d like the image thumbnails display (items in the collection) to be staggered and of varying sizes, versus in a perfect grid layout. So what I have right now is this:
    whereas what I’m going for is more like this:

  • Secondly, I’d like each of these thumbnails to be a link to a larger version of the photograph; this photograph detail view would also display more information about the picture such as the name and maximum print resolution, which I’m adding as fields to each item as I add it to the dynamic data collection.

Please help!

Thanks so much,

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Hi @Ruheene_Masand_Jaura

This tutorial may help you:

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