Need help with dynamic grid layout

Hello everyone,

I’m currently working on a portfolio website and I’m desperately searching for a solution on a dynamic cms based kind of masonry layout but with different heights and slider images that you can click through. It should also be possible that the sort order of the layout changes randomly on refresh or every 12 hours.

While I was able to build in the slider and connect it to the dynamic list, I was running into issues with the limitation using the same collection lists over and over: “You cannot have more than 20 collection lists on one page” Using this approach it wouldn’t be possible for the client to create new (clickthrough-sliders/projects) though anyways. It would only be possible to add images to existing clickthrough-sliders/projects, that I’d have set up through the designer. Is there any workaround to achieve something like this? Is this possible with Webflow. We also plan to host the site through Webflow and pay for the CMS.

Preferable it would be possible that the client itself can create/update a project (clickthrough-slider max 3-5 images) and add the details/images via the Webflow CMS or the Editor. Is there any workaround to achieve something like this?

I’ve created a first draft, so that you can get an idea of the layout I need including the already working clickthrough slider/projects:

Here’s my read only share link:

Thank you so much for your help!

First thing that comes to mind is using CSS columns for masonry effect and use embed Lightboxes ( with groups )

But give a read-through here for masonry effect:

and for CMS Lightbox

Hope this helps