SSL / Let’s encrypt problem


I have a Problem with Let’s Encrypt. My domain is hosted at an external provider (called In the plesk interface there I keep getting warnings, that my Lets Encrypt certificate is about to expire. I am not able to renew it, because “my A-Record points to a different IP”, which is the Webflow IP where all the content is.

In my hosting settings within Webflow SSL is enabled. But I have no idea if that will then take care of everything or if I HAVE TO have Lets Encypt running at my Domain host.

Unfortunately I cannot really just wat it out and see what happens, because I am sending out job applications and it would be unfortunate if the link stops working at some point.

Help is much appreciated! Thanks :slight_smile:

You can use a DNS challenge type. See =>

Reach out to your hosting provider for support. They should support the functions of CPANEL on a hosting plan where it is included. If you run into a complete dead end you can hire me for server administration tasks.

Also important to note that you can exclude domains from auto ssl in CPanel leaving only those that are needed.

Hi Heff, thanks so much for the prompt reply.

Just to make sure I understand correctly: Once my domain host’s SSL certficate runs out, Webflow’s “SSL enabled” won’t prevent that users will see a security warning instead of my webpage?

Thanks for the tips, that sounds quite tricky to me as a non-techie.

If I were to hire you, how long do you reckon that would take you and what would your rate be?

One more question: My according mail runs through that host and isn’t in any way connected to Webflow. Would that be affected by the certificate running out?

Thanks a lot!