*.weblow.io this certificate is not valid

does anyone know how to fix this Certificate Issue by chance.

Hi @Michael_J_Van_Dyke The DNS settings are all correctly configured to have your custom domain hosted on SSL, here’s a screenshot of what I’m seeing when I check the certificate in Safari:

Please note that your webflow.io version of your site with enhanced staging is not served up over SSL but your custom domain (which the SSL Certificate is provisioned for) is on SSL hosting.

Please let me know if this is helpful or if you have any additional questions. :smiley:

It does the same thing in Chrome So what does that all mean in
plain english… LOL

@Michael_J_Van_Dyke great question! We don’t provide SSL hosting on your webflow.io version of your site.

SSL hosting is a feature only available for your custom domain version of your site hosted in Webflow with the DNS settings configured appropriately. You get that Certificate from SSL hosting.

So your custom domain: https://www.fleurdelis.art has the “https://” in front of it, while your webflow.io version of your site (aka staging version) is just served up over http://, is that helpful?

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Thank You, Sir

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