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Enable HTTPS on self-hosted website

Hey guys,

I’m hosting a Webflow project outside Webflow and I’m trying to make it “secure” via SSL certification, but I can’t find a solution to enable/convert the exported project to point to https.

Did anyone bumped onto this issue? Any known workaround?


You need to install a SSL certificate within your hosting Control panel, first. This step is not related to Webflow. If you do not know how install it, get in touch with your Server Administrator. Once you have enabled https you can upload your webflow project. Your site should be accessible via HTTPS://

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Thanks for your reply @howdytom – that’s exactly how I expected it would work, I’ve activated the certificate but with no luck, so I then contacted the hosting provider’s customer service, and they told be that apparently the problem was with how the website was built but couldn’t provide any further help.

Might be the problem related to the fact that I’ve already published the site without SSL, and added those later?

@cripto, you can use Let’s Encrypt to get your free SSL certificate and install it. Your host provider should be Let’s Encrypt friendly so to speak. If it doesn’t, I’d simply switch or look for a provider that supports it. Le’ts Encrypt is the SSL provider Webflow uses to grant our websites with secure connections (HTTPS).

Could you share a link or screen shot? Any error message?