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Spreadsheet to Webflow real time update HELP

Hi Webflow community,
I am using webflow to display the calculation results. So I use google spreadsheets to do calculations, and I use zapier’s two triggers to get information and export results. But the problem I encountered is when using 2 triggers it takes 3-5 minutes to display the results on webflow via CMS. It’s a fairly long time, so I want the results to update as soon as the visitor finishes entering the information and clicking submit. Hope everyone help, thanks!
This is my page:

This is my zapier:

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@nguyenngochung, this is not necessarily an issue as much as it’s how Zapier works by using the built-in Webflow integration. Instead, you can use Webhooks, which offer “instant” processing and hit the API directly.

If you look at your Zapier account plan level, you’ll likely see that there is a 5-15 minute wait (depending your account level) for using built-in apps.

thanks for your help. I’ve alredy solve my problem by using Sheetsu. But i got a new problem is every time i want to see the calculation result on webpage, i have to refresh the web page. Is there any way to solve this situation?