Can anyone tell me if there is proofreader when I made a post in the CMS

Can anyone tell me if there is proofreader when I made a post in the CMS? I copied a Wordocument text (a whole A4 page) in a post blog, but 1/3 of the words webflow had made it so that 2 words became one word? (It was so, that there were spaces between the words, but Webflow deleted the spaces, and made it into one word. And in some cases it was 3 word, which Webflow did as one word , Webflow delited the spaces) . I have not encountered this problem before. So thought if a proofreader was “on” when I did pasted this text into the CMS? we use Icelandic words and letters.
Can anybody help me, so this not happen again? It was a big job for me to do all words prefect again, from the Wordocument.

When copying from any software that offers rich text editing you may experience formatting issues. This includes word and google docs. This is because there is text formatting that is also copied, even if not visible.

It is recommended to copy raw text only. So use something like notepad or textedit before pasting the text into Webflow. You can even paste from word to notepad then into Webflow and you shouldn’t have any issues.

Ok. Thank you!
I have never experience this before, because I have used both Textedit and Worddoc.

But thank you, - I have to do this from now :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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