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Sorting is hiding collection items

Hi all,

I’m sorting collection items in a collection page, smallest to largest.
I’ve been sorting them using a number in a cms field, and up to now it worked just fine.

However, some items are now disappearing. or getting hidden. If I remove athe number in the sorting CMS field, they reappear.
Likewise, if I reverse the sorting number, they reappear.

So weird! Any suggestions?

The collection is Products and the disappearing items are Plato Werregue

Any help is appreciated!!

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Any help with this welcome!!

Works fine.

Your list is huge (858 items) - webflow limit the number of items per collection-list to 100(This is why you do not see the entire list “items hiding”) => Set Pagination (Display 858 items without pagination -or- lazy load = slow page load).

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@Siton_Systems thank you so much. I forgot to reply before so just wanted to confirm that this was indeed the issue and you helped me resolve it. So simple, yet not obvious to me.

It’d be nice if a prompt displayed somewhere observing that the collection exceeds the limit, and to add pagination, or something to that end.


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Great :slight_smile: Please mark this answer as solution to close this topic.

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