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Help Sorting CMS Items

Loving the CMS collections and styling. Is there a way to sort the items to show specific ones first? Or is there a way to just show a section of them. I want to have all my clothing items in a collection but only show a specific number of shirts.

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Hey @theajnci, CMS Collections are great! Part of the power comes through being able to filter, sort, and limit list to give you greater control and flexibility. Hereā€™s an article and video that can explain it quicker and better than I can. Happy designing!


Just to add to @matthewpmunger advice - you can also set a # Number field in the CMS collection fields, which allows you or the client to override default ordering by setting a number. Then in the ā€˜sort orderā€™ select the number field and sort ā€˜smallest to largestā€™.

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Yep, I do this a lot too.

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Hi - the conditional visibility and filtering tools are nice, and I currently I use # field to order images - but if you have lots of images of products on a page and they are being sorted by that number and you want to add new items or change the order of some images its a nightmare. You basically have to change LOTS of numbersā€¦ A simple click and drag in CMS to arrange would be idea - any idea if this will be happening?

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Agreed. Been waiting for a more intuitive sort feature for bulk, etc. Would be worth adding to the wishlist!

This only works in the project list view of the CMS pagesā€¦ upon publishing the order of the projects stays the sameā€¦ why? how can I control the order of my collection items on my collection page AFTER publishing?

The work-around I use is to use decimals instead of integers.

This way you can add 50.5 in between 49 and 51, then 50.51, and so on.

I have run into a weird issue.

I have sorting set from smallest to largest on 2 pages, but they behave differently.

On one, items are organized correctly as follows: 1,2,3,4, every unnumbered item.

On the other, items do this instead: every unnumbered item, 1,2,3,4,.

Both pages use different collections, but both use the Orden CMS number field to sort.

What might be the cause?

Thanks for your help

Update: I have set sorting order largest to smallest on my second, troublesome link, so that the client can organize items predictably while we sort this out

Basically, I want to sort smallest to largest, 1,2,3,4, etc, then every item that has not been assigned a number.


Ok, going to chime in because the functionality here is very problematic if you run any kind of ecommerce store and need curate your products. You canā€™t just set a custom field and number your products, because often products appear in multiple category pages, ie best sellers, homepage, new arrivals. Sometimes you want an item on the top of new arrivals, but the bottom of the homepage. The best solution would just be visually organizing the tagged products on the category pageā€¦ That would solve the above issue cleanly! This is a no-brainer and should be implemented by the webflow team regardless of how many people vote for it on a wishlist.