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Sort order causes pagination list to only show 100 items

I have a page with a collection list of almost 400 items that is paginated, I have it showing 51 items per page over 8 pages and works fine, however, the list shows up in reverse alphabetical order due to the time they were created/imported. When I put a sort order to the list to have it in alphabetical order from A - Z the pagination still shows 8 pages but when I get past page two it shows a page not found. Even in the designer when I click to preview past page 2 in the display limits box on the right nothing happens it just shows page two. Does anyone know why this is happening and is there a fix that I am not seeing or unaware of.


Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hey @pcruzcreative the community is here to help. Please share your read only link so that we can see what’s happening on your site. Thanks in advance.

Here is the read only link for you guys. The issue is on the “members portfolio” page

I have somewhat taken this site over from another designer so I myself am getting up to speed on this but so any and all help is welcome.