CMS Sorting Issues

Hello everyone! Thanks in advance for helping.

Under my Case studies section, I have 3 case study items in a cms collection. Whenever I try to sort them by the usual methods (name, date, custom order), 1 of the items gets replaced by another item.

Before I try to sort:
[Item 1] [Item 2] [Item 3]

After I try to sort:
[Item 3] [Item 2] [Item 3]

Could anyone please help me understand why this is happening? Thanks!

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Because you’re using a separate collection list for each slide and using the ‘Limit Items’ to show a specific item per slide it is clashing with the sort order.

So if you remove the Name Sort Order on the Collection List of the first slide, you should have [Item 1] [Item 2] [Item 3]. Screenshot here.

You could also remove the ‘Limit Items’ and use one collection list with Finsweet’s CMS Slider using Attributes.

Hope this helps!

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