Sorting & grouping CMS items

Hi, I have a question about sorting items in my CMS. Each item in my CMS has 3 things: image, title and DATE. By default, the list is displayed from the most recent in one main column - without any grouping (see picture 1)

I would like to divide them into groups based on DATE and display items like this (see picture 2). Is it possible automatically? If I add new items (posts) with the date June 16, 2023, I would like the title with the date to appear automatically.

Yes, with custom code.

You’d sort your list on date, and then you’d need to write a bit of javascript to go through the list and insert your grouping header elements.

Thanks @memetican Can you help me with this code? Maybe you know some similar example or recommend a source of knowledge on this?

Hi Karol, it would need to be custom written for your specific site design and element structure. I do this kind of work if you need help, you can direct message me here for an estimate. Just click my name.

You might find some general examples in the forum here, or on stack overflow that would get you started if you have some dev experience.