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Combine CMS items by date

Hi Webflowers.

Did anybody make such thing as combining a few CMS items by date and creating this date automatically I need to do this for the site in Webflow. the reference for this project is

Do I need to hire JS or API developer for that? I’ll appreciate any help. Thank you.

I understand what you mean by combining the date - but what do you mean by “creating the date automatically” - do you mean you want to be able to sort the content date using a date picker?

For one long list (same url for all dates) - by custom js only (it’s possible).

Maybe you get from this workshop some ideas:

For dates slugs (like WordPress blog). No way beside manually create multi-ref feild and bind months to posts (page for ‘jan20’ filter by ‘jan20’ current month). Same steps like creating category page.

thank you for reply :pray:

I forgot to mention that I used wordpress for creating content and scheduling and zapier for posting the posts to webflow. so these CMS items will be created when posts in wordpress go live. so I need one date for 5 posts each day. thank you.

thank you @Siton_Systems I found developer who have to do that with custom code :pray: so I hope he’ll handle it.