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Sortable CMS ordering with javascript/Need Dev

To start out fully honest, my javascript skills are weak. I am a designer stepping into dev and need a developer for this idea.

I have played around enough to figure out that using Jquery Sortable and some embed code can allow me to display a cms collection and drag the order around.

Now it seems to me that it might be possible to have a page inside of a WF site that is password protected giving access to this “cms ordering page” to a client.

The part I can’t figure out how to do is how to use the Webflow api to update a “order” field in the cms.

Hosting a custom custom JS file seperate from the WF site is not a problem. So it seems to me all the parts are there but I need a dev to get this figured out.

Anyone up for the challenge?


I can help.

You can reach me on Skype: cisin.justin or Email: so that we can discuss this further.


I am an experienced developer and this is something well within my area of expertise…
You can reach me on
Best Wishes,